Recently, Gi Hoon had seldom been home. His project had entered an intensive phase of production, so he spent most of his time at the agency and on location. He would sometimes drop by late at night just to catch a few hours of sleep, then wake around noon, eat quickly, and return to work. Hence, the brothers’ mother had yet to find an opportune moment to inquire about the woman Dong Hoon had mentioned while he was in the hospital. She herself was gradually forgetting to ask.

However, this time, the youngest brother came home in the evening and had no plans to go out again. His mother prepared dinner for them, and as they ate together, Gi Hoon reassured her that the younger brother was doing well.

„Everything’s fine with him, oma. He’s in good spirits, eats his meals, and follows the doctors’ recommendations. He just doesn’t like to go out during the day because the furtive glances from people make him uncomfortable.”

„I expected as much,” the elderly lady admitted. „People can be so foolish sometimes, and anything out of the norm arouses their unhealthy curiosity. Poor child,” she sighed.

„Before long, oma, it will get better. Once he has the plastic surgery, he should look much better. I’ve read about the clinic where his sister-in-law managed to get him a spot. They have excellent achievements, especially with facial trauma patients. They really know how to reconstruct their appearance beautifully. When I have a moment, I’ll show you on the internet the miracles they perform.”

Gi Hoon, turning the conversation, asked, „Oma, do you know who Ji An is?” She had just remembered the name, and her son paused, chopsticks midway to his mouth, and looked at her in shock.

„Aaa! Ji An…” he stammered, hastily concocting some plausible story, „Ji An was his former employee who helped him a lot when he was trying for the director position—and he helped her too.” He decided to stick close to the truth.

„But why would he call out her name in his sleep and apologize?” his mother persisted.

„Omaaa, you know how dreams are—there’s little logic in them. And when someone has been through a trauma like our hyung, crying, restless sleep, and nightmares are part of that state and should be considered normal,” he reasoned, hoping she would buy his explanation.

„Well, maybe you’re right. I’ve never heard of such a woman, so she probably isn’t anyone special, just someone who appeared in his dreams.”

„Exactly,” Gi Hoon confirmed, relieved. „And you know what, oma, I wouldn’t talk too much about those restless dreams to him. Why should hyung get even more agitated?”

„That’s why I’m asking you, not him, you silly boy!” she concluded, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

They finished their meal together, and Gi Hoon settled down on the sofa to watch television while his mother busied herself in the kitchen. „The danger has passed… for now,” he thought as he flicked through the channels, looking for something interesting. „But hyung will have to resolve this increasingly uncomfortable situation soon. Mom doesn’t know about Yoon Hee’s infidelity or that they are practically living separately, not to mention his growing feelings for a new woman. My director’s intuition warns me this could lead to a very strong conflict, not in a drama, but in our real, very personal lives! Once he returns from the surgery, he’ll have to do something about it!” Gi Hoon finally settled on an interesting movie, relaxed, and focused on the screen.

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