„Eeruna!” Dong Hoon clapped his brother on the shoulder, „Wake up! Time for work! Don’t you have a meeting today?” he tried in vain to rouse a sleepy Gi Hoon.


„Hyung, just five more minutes…” Gi Hoon pleaded, not even opening his eyes.

„Eerunaaa! You still need to stop by home to freshen up!” he encouraged as best he could. „I’ll make you coffee, but get up!”

„You’re like mom,” Gi Hoon’s voice was less drowsy now, „She never lets me sleep in a bit longer,” he complained, but he opened his eyes and sat up on the sofa.

„No easy way out, young one. It’s always best to get up straight away and not allow yourself to become too lax—I always did.”

„But now you can sleep as long as you want…” Gi Hoon pointed out.

„Would you also like to go back to those days when you didn’t have to wake up in the morning?” Dong Hoon countered, „Have you forgotten what it was like to be unemployed?”

„Alright, you win,” he conceded and dragged himself to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Dong Hoon prepared two coffees, placed them on the coffee table, and began to drink his own. When Gi Hoon emerged from the bathroom, Dong Hoon asked:

„Don’t you want one of my T-shirts or a shirt? I have fancy boxers too,” he added teasingly.

„I managed. Do you have to be so snarky?” Gi Hoon joined him and eagerly took a sip of the hot, black, strong coffee. „Oh, delicious! Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed…”

„How are you feeling today?” Dong Hoon inquired.

„Hmm, a bit better,” he admitted, „talking to you always helps me see my problems differently and eventually find a solution. Thanks, hyung!”

„Who are you thinking of casting in the role Lim Seung Kyu was supposed to play? Got any ideas?”

„Yes… Last night before I fell asleep, I thought of Kim Rae Won. He’s about the same age, has a similar height and build, and most importantly, he’s also an excellent actor. Do you know him?”

„Not personally,” Dong Hoon smiled, „but I’ve seen him in a few roles and indeed, I must admit, I liked him. It’s great that you’re moving forward. You’ll definitely handle it, young one. It’s nothing big!” he added his favorite life motto.

As they finished their coffee, Gi Hoon stood up and asked:

„Maybe you could lend me your car? It would be faster for me…”

„No problem. I hardly use it anyway,” Dong Hoon agreed without hesitation, „but bring it back after work.”

„Don’t worry, hyung. I’ll drop it off in the evening.”

Dong Hoon went to the hallway cabinet and pulled out the keys from a drawer.

„It’s in the underground parking. Can you find it?”

„Cool. Sure. Thanks!” Gi Hoon grabbed the keys and put on his shoes. „I’m off then! Have a good day, hyung!”

„You too! And drive safely, young one!” Dong Hoon heard as he was almost out the door.

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