When his mother retired to bed, Gi Hoon turned off the television and retreated to his room to work on several critical aspects of the new production. The most pressing task was to find a replacement for Lim Seung Kyu. He hadn’t felt up to it until now, but today, after the last conversation with his brother, he felt it was high time to address it. The team was awaiting new directions.

He wasn’t the only one scouting for an actor who would meet his expectations and… would agree to take on the role and fit it into his schedule. His colleagues had suggested a few candidates, but Gi Hoon had already set his sights on a particular 'victim.’ He was seriously considering the accomplished actor, Kim Rae Won, who was roughly the same age as the deceased, only three centimeters taller, and also one of the most intelligent artists, a quality Gi Hoon valued highly.

That evening, he intended to review Rae Won’s acting portfolio and scenes that best showcased his capabilities. He turned on his laptop and attentively watched selected films and series, focusing on specific episodes and scenes. After two hours, he was convinced that Kim Rae Won could handle the role he needed to cast. The remaining question was whether he would accept and if his schedule could accommodate their already nearly finalized timeline.

He made notes, recorded the contact information for Rae Won’s new agency, and planned to instruct his assistant the next day to pursue him. Fortunately, she had a knack for such negotiations and was very persuasive, boasting nearly a hundred percent success rate in such tasks. He was heavily relying on her once again. He didn’t want to sift through and analyze another round of candidates for the third time.

Once he finished, he called Yoo Ra, knowing she should also have completed her day’s work on the set she was currently shooting.

„How’s it going? Have you wrapped up for today?” he asked as she answered.

„You have timing!” she laughed. „The director just called a wrap until tomorrow, and we’re free,” she updated him.

„Tired, huh?”

„Cheom,” she admitted.

„Go to the hotel, take a hot bath, and tuck yourself into bed!” he instructed. „I forbid any late-night drinks and chats with the crew! Got it?” he said sternly, aware of his girlfriend’s tendency to socialize, which then impacted her performance and energy— „Arraso?” he added, as he hadn’t heard a response.

„Arraso! Arraso!” she agreed. „And what were you up to today?”

„I was at the agency working on the details of the new production. I’m at home now and just finished assessing another candidate for the lead role. I know who I want now!” he boasted.

„Who did you pick?” Yoo Ra was eager to know who might be her next co-star.

„Drumroll… I’m thinking of offering it to… Kim Rae Won!”

„Wow! I’ve always wanted to act alongside him!” Yoo Ra exclaimed excitedly. „Really, Kim Rae Won?”

„Yeah, are you excited?”

„Definitely! I really want to meet and work with him! Do you think you have a chance to land him?”

„We’ll see. I’ll assign the mission to Ji Woo tomorrow, and I’m really hoping she can persuade him.”

„That’s awesome!” Yoo Ra was thrilled. „Oh, I’ve reached my room now!”

„Then take care of yourself and get some rest!” Gi Hoon felt tired himself. „I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.”

„Alright! Jaida!”

„You too! And remember, I love you!” Gi Hoon was embracing one of his new resolutions, which was to show his affection more openly to his loved ones. Nice, right?

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