Gi Hoon, for all his outward appearances of being immature and impulsive, was in reality a man of deep sensitivity, attuned even to the most subtle signals from his surroundings. With higher education and as a director, he had the capacity to correctly classify and understand these signals. He seemed to lean more towards introversion than extroversion, despite his explosive nature often misleading others. After returning to the industry following years of unemployment and squandered potential, and an enlightening stint as a cleaner, he surprised many with his keen and fresh perspective, original ideas, and consistency in narrative building. Unmatched by many peers whose careers flourished while he remained an outsider, feeling relegated to the scrapheap of filmmakers.

When he and Yu Ra took a break for a few months, he penned his first script after a period of downfall, and swiftly secured funding for its production. His comeback film shattered expectations and eclipsed the ranks of mediocre directors. No longer was he the subject of mockery, criticism, or avoidance. After winning prestigious awards, agencies and producers clamored to secure him for their projects.

Indeed, my dear readers, Park Gi Hoon achieved tremendous success. Once he valued himself rightly, he stopped pushing his beloved away. He reunited with Choi Yu Ra, who, with his earlier support, regained confidence in her abilities and freedom to act on set and in front of the camera. She too became famous, maintaining top status for years.

But let’s return to the storyline where the youngest brother, aware that Dong Hoon loves Lee Ji An—even if he conceals it from himself—now needs her presence. Desperately so! Only his sister-in-law was also aware of this, and despite the girl essentially becoming her rival for her husband’s affections, she accepted the situation due to her betrayal. She decided to schedule duties so Ji An could be with Dong Hoon as much as possible, without crossing paths with his mother or son.

It wasn’t easy or pleasant, but she resolved to fix as much as possible, sincerely trying her best. Gi Hoon often marveled at her humility and honesty towards his younger brother. He appreciated her gentleness, dedication, and consistency. Sometimes, he found himself regretting the cruel betrayal. As a man and Dong Hoon’s brother, he knew a full reconciliation was impossible. It was unthinkable for his elder brother to ever embrace his wife with love, much less passion, as before. That bridge had been burned, and they had to come to terms with it.

Therefore, Gi Hoon closely observed Dong Hoon regarding his new feelings, suspended in limbo and waiting. He occasionally prodded about Ji An without mentioning her name, but stopped once he realized it only upset his brother. Now with numerous valuable contacts, he used them to keep tabs on Lee Ji An, her dating life, and social circle.

He immediately knew when she was transferred to Seoul, which delighted him as he could now personally check on her from time to time, without revealing himself. He was aware—and indeed hoped—that the two would soon meet. Once they saw each other, there was no denying the resurgence of their feelings. His directorial intuition left no doubt that Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An were inevitably bound for a beautiful, deep, and pure love. He eagerly awaited the moment it would erupt.

Just like us, right?

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