Our beloved director was truly in shock, beginning to despair. After leaving the agency building, he got into his car and drove straight to Jeong Hui. He needed to find himself, to analyze the situation, to learn what truly happened to Lim Seung Kyu, and to devise a Plan B.

As he drove, he listened to the official news, which was – naturally – dominated by the story of the well-known actor’s death. Suddenly, all media and the police were sympathizing with him and extolling his achievements. Yet, for months they had practically savaged him, ever since news had leaked from the police to the media about ongoing proceedings related to suspected substance abuse. Everyone had pounced on Lim Seung Kyu as if a verdict had already been rendered, racing to speculate about him. Agencies had terminated their contracts with him and demanded compensation. He had become virtually persona non grata in his circle, his chances for future roles all but extinguished.

That’s why the rebellious Gi Hoon had intended to recruit him for his project. Since he made all decisions independently, he didn’t need to ask anyone for permission. He couldn’t care less about a potential boycott of his new series; he wasn’t making it for those susceptible to manipulation and sensation. He firmly believed that there were still wise, just, and value-sensitive individuals in Korean society. He made his films for them, and this one was meant to be special.

How he regretted now not having contacted Lim Seung Kyu a day, two, or maybe three days earlier… Who knows, it might have saved him…

„If only he had someone by his side,” Gi Hoon thought, „If only he knew I was with him and needed him…” Gi Hoon reached for his glass. He sat alone at the bar, not wanting to talk to anyone – he felt a great depressive cloud approaching, one he might even name ‘Too Late!’ He missed his younger hyung, who was practically the only person with whom he drank and discussed things when such emotional and mental lows struck. Dong Hoon didn’t ask foolish questions, didn’t judge, didn’t criticize. He knew how to listen and – most importantly – understood without words.

„Why didn’t I call Lim Seung Kyu earlier?” Gi Hoon tormented himself with the thought again. „Why is it so final and irreversible… I can’t do anything for him anymore… Nothing can be fixed…” He poured himself another glass of soju, but his guilt continued to surface.

Jeong Hui had been watching him for a while, concerned by the aura of sadness emanating from the youngest of the Park brothers. Soon Gi Hoon would fall off his chair, and certainly wouldn’t make it home on his own two feet. She signaled to two guys from the neighborhood to take him home, but it wasn’t that simple. Gi Hoon demanded another bottle, claiming he hadn’t yet drowned his guilt.

Jeong Hui called Sang Hoon to come and take his brother home, as he wasn’t listening to anyone.

He arrived after half an hour and, along with three other friends, managed to get a thoroughly drunk and crying Gi Hoon into the car. He drove him to Dong Hoon’s apartment, not wanting to upset their mother. With great difficulty, they hauled him upstairs. The eldest brother stayed with him while the rest went back to their own homes. He removed the unconscious brother’s outer clothes and tucked him into bed. He called their mother to tell her not to wait up for him because he was urgently called to a film set. Then he called his wife and said he wouldn’t return that night because he was on an extra shift at Dong Hoon’s. He undressed, washed up, and lay down next to his drunken brother.

„Oh, you’re going to have a hangover from here to Jeju,” he sighed compassionately, looking at the sleeping form, and within minutes, he too had fallen into a peaceful sleep.

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