You may be wondering what has been happening at Park Dong Hoon’s company during his prolonged absence? Rest assured, everything is functioning almost normally. The reins have automatically been taken over by Song Seok Beom, while the rest of the team has simply broadened their responsibilities. Yoon Hee oversees formal matters and personally supports her husband’s deputy, sometimes helping him with important decisions.

Park Dong Hoon has indeed chosen his team perfectly, and since they were united not just by education and work but, above all, friendship, no one complains about having a bit more on their plate now.

From their very first client, word of their excellent work spread quickly, and the company now has a lot of clients. During Dong Hoon’s absence, not only has the number of clients not decreased, but there has also been an influx of new ones, with many potential clients regrettably being turned away with promises to revisit their cases as soon as the boss returns to work.

Have I reassured you? Well, let’s return to the scheduled meeting between Yoon Hee and Ji An.

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