Life often brings forth great surprises. Some are joyous and fortunate, others sorrowful, even tragic. The ordeal that befell Park Dong Hoon was perceived by all as a colossal injustice. For he was a man of unparalleled moral standards, guiding his life always by his conscience and the welfare of others, heedless of personal consequences. His life, not bedecked in roses, saw him climb the social ladder to a considerable height. Yet, in the realm of fulfilling his inner dreams and expectations from the world, much was left desired. The accident, which brought him to death’s door and led to several severe surgeries including plastic surgery on his head and face, was deemed grossly unfair by everyone.

His mother, perhaps, lamented the most. Like any mother, she would have rather it happened to her than to her child. His brothers and wife shared this sentiment. Yoon Hee, profoundly shaken by her husband’s suffering, did not allow herself a moment’s reflection. She was always doing something, busying herself with her son, mother-in-law, and husband. She oversaw the hospital vigils, constantly in motion to drown out the persistent guilt that the misfortune had once again struck Dong Hoon instead of her.

Sang Hoon, having returned to his wife, experienced the situation differently. He often wept, even at his cleaning company office in front of his employees. Luckily, most of them came from families in their neighborhood, so no one mocked him; on the contrary, they offered sympathy and support. Ae Ryun rushed to the office to take over. Their family life had considerably improved from before. Debts were paid off, their financial situation was stable, they communicated better, and they had recently welcomed their first granddaughter.

Gi Hoon was currently working on a new production, still in the planning stages. When not at his brother’s hospital side, he was fully engaged in refining his next project. Occasionally, he would fall into a foul mood over his younger hyung’s situation, but as always, the straightforward Yu Ra came to his rescue. Their relationship, after going through tough times, had also risen much higher. They understood each other better, trusted each other more, offered each other much more warmth than before. Their careers were flourishing just as they were. Now, another trial came where Gi Hoon needed more support, and his girlfriend was excellently managing to provide it.

After the visit of Jeong Hui and Ji An to the hospital, Yoon Hee meticulously analyzed the vigil schedule for Dong Hoon and found a pattern that would allow Ji An to spend as much time and as often as possible with her ahjussi. It involved placing her shifts between those of Yoon Hee and Gi Hoon, ensuring that no one else would stumble upon her. While not guaranteeing total privacy, it was hoped that neither the mother-in-law nor their son would encounter her during her time by Dong Hoon’s bedside.

Moreover, Ji An expressed a preference for night shifts, further reducing the likelihood of accidental visits from distant acquaintances, which also had to be considered. Yoon Hee scheduled her first vigil two nights after their visit. Ji An had to formally arrange for extended leave, as working after spending the whole night in the hospital would be challenging.

Yoon Hee felt peculiar about the young woman who had suddenly become so prominently involved with Dong Hoon during such a dramatic moment in their marriage. She quickly understood that Ji An comprehended her husband far better, was willing to sacrifice her well-being for his, and was genuinely altruistic and sincere in her actions. Yoon Hee, despite obvious reluctance and jealousy, found a way to like, appreciate, and respect her for her behavior during the campaign for the directorial position at Semen, proving that it wasn’t about her but Dong Hoon. Such an unprecedented trait, especially among the youth, made Kang Yoon Hee, despite her initial reluctance and jealousy, somewhat fond of, appreciate, and respect Ji An.

She couldn’t answer why she had failed to understand Dong Hoon as well as Ji An did in such a short time. She told herself that the listening device gave Ji An an advantage, but deep down, she didn’t believe it. She knew one thing for certain: their marriage would never return to normal. She saw and felt that her husband couldn’t overcome the barrier of her having belonged body and soul to another man, his fierce enemy. Her declaration to remain with him formally as long as he wished was still valid and implemented, without using it to exert any pressure on Dong Hoon. In this regard, one must acknowledge the fairness of this woman – as Ji An once called her – the adulteress.

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