After several weeks that seemed to meld into each other in a blurred haze of suffering and uncertainty, Dong Hoon’s hospital room slowly became the stage for an extraordinary transformation. Wrestling with the burden of burns that had unimaginably altered his life, Dong Hoon remained submerged in an artificially induced coma, a safe haven from the pain and chaos of reality.

In this dreamless silence, however, events began to unfold that gave a new dimension to the concept of hope. With precision akin to that of geniuses, the doctors carried out the treatment process step by step, aiming not only to save his life but also to restore as much as possible of what he had lost.

Facial plastic surgeries were considered from the outset, though they had to wait for the right moment. Initially, the focus was on saving life and minimizing damage, and now, as Dong Hoon was gradually awakened from the pharmacological coma, everything began to move towards the future – his new, though uncertain future.

The gradual awakening applied was like gently rousing a world covered in frost under the rays of the rising sun. Though his body remained weakened and his face hidden beneath bandages, the first sparks of consciousness began to flicker in his comatose dreams. He started moving his fingers, then his hands, speaking in his sleep, whispering names, fragments of conversations, expressions filled with various emotions, including fear, tenderness, longing.

Each day brought progress, though not always visible to the naked eye. Those on duty around him relayed information about Dong Hoon’s achievements during their stay, and the most spectacular were immediately communicated by phone to everyone involved.
This wide dissemination of information was managed by the tireless Yoon Hee, who used a group chat to send out the latest and most important news about Dong Hoon. The response was always immediate and enthusiastic. However, Ji An – unfortunately – could not be included (for obvious reasons) in this chat, so she always received separate updates, and sometimes Yoon Hee or Gi Hoon would screenshot conversations from the group chat to lift her spirits.
She understood the situation perfectly and never sulked. After all, sulking was not in her nature. Over those weeks, she cherished every moment spent with ahjussi, and when she had to return to work, she didn’t even ask for a schedule change. She managed to go directly from night vigils to work for a few hours. Only then would she rest and catch up on sleep.
It was beside her that Dong Hoon first moved his finger, and beside her that he began to babble in his sleep. But officially, he did so in the presence of Gi Hoon and Yoon Hee.
„It’s no big deal,” Ji An thought to herself, „it really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you’re making progress,” she praised her charge.
„I even suspect you can hear me, you know,” she said as she squeezed his hand, which immediately responded in kind.
Ji An jumped with surprise. She addressed Dong Hoon again, „Ahjussi, it’s me, Ji An, can you hear me?” But this time, she didn’t squeeze his hand, waiting for him to do it first to be sure it was a response to her question and not just a reflex to the touch.
Dong Hoon’s reaction was immediate. He squeezed her hand even tighter. Ji An burst into tears, sobbing with emotion, „Ahjussi… Director… you really can hear and understand me? Really? Are you in pain? Do you need anything?” A flurry of exclamations and questions poured from her, but she quickly composed herself. The realization hit her that she shouldn’t pressure him so much, and secondly, she needed to inform the doctors and Yoon Hee about what had happened immediately.
„I’ll be right back, ahjussi,” she squeezed his hand again, „I’m going to tell the doctors. I’ll be right back.” And she ran out of the room.
She reported to the doctor what had just happened, and he immediately went with her to Dong Hoon’s room to conduct his observation. In the meantime, Ji An called Yoon Hee and recounted Dong Hoon’s conscious reactions. This wonderful news spread instantly like wildfire, and everyone was almost euphoric, thinking that Yoon Hee had been the first witness to Dong Hoon’s significant progress.

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