Everything in the past few days had unfolded at such a pace as if someone had cranked up the speed on a movie reel. Before, when Lee Ji An had moved to Busan and Park Dong Hoon left the corporation to start his own business, time was mercilessly sluggish. Their separation ached like a chasm in the heart, impossible to fill with anything. Life moved on, ostensibly normal, yet unbearably slow.

For Dong Hun, it was a cycle of work, family, Hoogye, work, family, Hoogye… For Ji An, a new world opened up: new people, new opportunities. The external life brightened and gained meaning. She began to appreciate spring and the other seasons, but internally, something—or perhaps more accurately, someone—was missing. Even admitting this inner truth is hard for me, so imagine how difficult it was for them to come to terms with it…

Do you know the feeling? When you bury the void in your heart under the daily routine, the noise of the world, running so far because you’re tired of the pain of loss, the longing, the illusions. You want to forget, so you lose yourself in the mad whirl of each day, focusing intently on it.

But that only lasts so long… Only until life, in its perversity, places you in a situation where all the accumulated scenery, masks, props fall away, and the chasm in your heart is revealed in all its grandeur, nay! You see it’s even larger and more painful! Do you know what I mean?

If so, you’ll understand what truly happened during that seemingly insignificant meeting of Ji An and Dong Hoon, charged with a brief exchange of texts and the prospect of an imminent reunion. Their carefully constructed defenses crumbled, and they once again became vulnerable to the truth of their own feelings and desires.

Do you think something will come of it? I myself am not sure yet… We must wait for the continuation of events.

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