Just a few days after their unexpected yet significant encounter in the café, Park Dong Hoon received a bold text from Lee Ji An:

– I’m starving! Buy me something to eat!

After a few seconds, another message followed:

Just kidding 😊 I’ll buy you something expensive to eat!

She had transformed from the reserved girl she once was. Today, no one would believe how introverted, distrustful, and despondent she used to be. Ji An’s employers and coworkers now valued her intelligence, her exceptional organization skills, creativity, and friendly disposition. Yes, our 'wild girl’ had become known for her niceness and – imagine this – cheerful nature. You all saw how brightly and fashionably she was dressed at that accidental meeting with Dong Hoon. He himself couldn’t conceal the immense impression she made on him. Remember? But let’s get back to the text messages.

Dong Hoon was in the middle of a business meeting when he received the first notification. His phone lay next to the documents he was discussing with a client, so he merely glanced at the display and… was stunned! It felt as though he had been transported back in time. He lost the thread of the conversation and started to mumble something incomprehensible to the other party. The arrival of the second text and its content flashing before his eyes completely derailed him from the topic, an occurrence that had never happened to him before. He excused himself to the client, mentioning he needed to urgently visit the restroom.

Although he had seen her recently and had spoken to her, these two texts deeply stirred him, leaving him unable to collect his thoughts. He stared at his phone for several minutes, while cherished memories fluttered through his mind. Thankfully, the restroom was empty because, upon looking into the mirror, he noticed tears in his eyes, and his hand holding the phone was noticeably trembling.

– What’s happening to me? – he spoke aloud, startling himself – It’s nothing major, right? Just a meetup, we’ll chat, reminisce… – he lied to himself.

Eventually, he realized that some time had passed and Lee Ji An must surely be awaiting his response.

– Where and when shall we meet? – he typed and sent, still standing utterly disconcerted. – I have a meeting now. I’ll contact you later – he added, much like she did, with a second text.

He washed his face with cold water, ran his hand through his hair, straightened up, and tried to return to the client with a composed expression. Yet, the tremor inside him persisted.

Upon reading both his messages, Ji An pondered where to invite him. Seoul was brimming with options, but she struggled to decide. No, she didn’t want to impress or surprise him. She wished for a friendly, quiet place with expensive but delicious food. She was very tempted to revisit Hoogye with him. After searching online and, thanks to many positive recommendations and appealing photos, she chose an unfamiliar restaurant (apparently new) called „You’ll Return Here!” The unusual name intrigued and pleased her. She sent its location to Dong Hoon and asked when he would be available for their meeting.

When he received the message, he had just finished the meeting and was about to leave his company’s office. And boom! He was knocked out once again. The restaurant Lee Ji An wanted to invite him to was literally across the street from the house he had been living in for a few months.

– Did she research and find out where I live? – he wondered, as it seemed like something she would do – Nah, impossible… – he convinced himself. He enjoyed dining there since the food was truly delicious. – Did she see me there? – his mind kept racing – Nah, impossible… It must be a coincidence. – but he still found it hard to believe in such a coincidence.

– I’m free Saturday afternoon. Suggest a time – he replied.

Ji An was delighted because, despite the short notice, she managed to reserve a table for two and… didn’t have to wait long for the meeting, as Saturday was just two days away.

– 3:17 PM, 'You’ll Return Here!’ restaurant, table under my name – she added a gif of an elegant meal and hit „send.”

– 3:17 PM? What kind of time is that? – Dong Hoon was puzzled once again that day. – Maybe she just hit the wrong key – he thought.

„That’s OK. We have an appointment – he replied from the elevator. Looking again at his reflection in the mirror, he didn’t recognize himself with that expression of tenderness, emotion, and hope. –  What’s happening to me? Dude! It’s just a nice reunion after years. Just like the ones you used to have… It’s nothing. Nothing at all! – he didn’t realize he had spoken the last sentence out loud while exiting the elevator. In fact, he had seen little since receiving her first text.

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