On one hand, Ji An yearned to take wing to the hospital, to remain there indefinitely by his side, but on the other, upon realizing the delicate task of explaining to Dong Hoon’s mother and son who she was and why she wished to vigilantly keep watch over the ailing with the same devotion as his closest kin, she found herself ensnared in a web of uncertainty, unsure of how to proceed. As the evening drew in and both women settled into their respective beds, Jeong Hui sensed an additional torment plaguing her friend beyond her concern for their boss.

„Ji An, would you like to talk about Dong Hoon and everything that’s happening now?” she asked tentatively, „Don’t bottle up so much worry… Tell me what’s weighing on you… I’ll try to help, or simply be here with you,” she encouraged gently, understanding the reserved and quiet nature of her young friend.

„Unnie,” Ji An responded unexpectedly to the proposition, „I wish to go to Mr. Park’s, not just for a visit, but to stay longer…” she looked shyly towards Jeong Hui, „I want to be there with him all the time… Is that appropriate? Is it even possible?” she inquired sincerely.

„Hmm,” Jeong Hui grunted with embarrassment, for she had not anticipated such a question, „Indeed, your prolonged presence there might seem inappropriate, especially in the eyes of Dong Hoon’s mother and his son. But others are probably aware of your close intimacy with him,” she paused momentarily, pondering deeply.

„That’s just it,” Ji An confirmed in that moment, „I can’t just suddenly propose to stay there on the same terms as his family…”

„You know, if I meet Gi Hoon in private, I’ll discuss this matter with him. I feel that boy has a good understanding… hmm… so to speak, of the situation and would likely be on your side. So, when we go there tomorrow, don’t rush with your proposal right away,” she looked at Ji An, „You need to be patient, and I’ll try to get you that entry, because I’m sure it would be very good for Dong Hoon.”

„Thank you, unnie,” she whispered.

„Don’t worry. Your unnie understands what’s happening and truly, I want to support you,” she didn’t say outright that she suspected her feelings towards Dong Hoon, which she discovered while he was still among them, „Arm yourself with patience, and I’ll take care of everything, okay?”

„Okay,” she heard a firm and brief reply.

Later, both submerged in their thoughts, awaited sleep. Into their small room above the restaurant, a chubby silver moon peered, its pale glow illuminating the faces of the two women. Both had their eyes closed, appearing to sleep, but under the touch of the moon’s rays, Ji An’s eyes fluttered open, gazing into it as if seeking consolation. She remembered her grandmother and the evening Dong Hoon caught her carting her grandmother in a shopping cart to gaze at the moon. She recalled the shock she felt upon returning from that escapade, to find that he had waited for them both, to help carry her grandmother home. She was so profoundly moved by what he had done and the subtle way he did it, that even now, a shiver of emotion coursed through her. She could still hear in her mind and heart that warm, brief sentence: „You’re good…”

Now, this wonderful man lay in the hospital, unconscious after a serious operation, and instead of sitting by his side, she had to seek a pretext just to go there… Tears streamed down her cheeks again. Such powerlessness was hard to bear. Ji An was a girl who always found a way out of situations, but this time, circumstances were such that there was nothing she could do, except to go there on a courteous visit with unnie and leave after a few minutes.

„How will I do this?” she thought, „How can I leave him? I can’t… I simply can’t…”

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