When Ji An returned to her apartment, profoundly disoriented, she was still at a loss about what to think regarding the absence of her ahjussi at their planned meeting. Both his silence to her messages and the dead signal of his phone, which was uncharacteristically turned off, began to unsettle her increasingly. It was so unlike him that the only logical explanation, which she had been subconsciously avoiding, seemed to be that something had happened—something of grave importance.

Thoughts of Dong Hun’s mother, his son, and his brothers crossed her mind.

„Perhaps one of them fell ill, or there was an accident…” she allowed herself to consider, though these thoughts also deeply saddened her. Yet, she didn’t have the courage to confront the gnawing suspicion deep in her subconscious—that something might have happened to Park Dong Hun himself.

However, she remembered that moment on Friday, when she suddenly felt a pang in her heart and an overwhelming sense of dread. It seemed that feeling had returned, and coupled with Dong Hun’s absence and the impossibility of contacting him, it was pushing her towards a state of panic.

Restless, she found no peace at home and was unable to engage in any activity. She wandered through her apartment like a sleepwalker, her mind tirelessly searching for what she should do next.

„Perhaps I should go to Jeong Hee’s restaurant?” she thought, though she knew her visit might seem odd.

After all, they had promised at Ji An’s grandmother’s funeral to spend Thanksgiving and New Year’s together. And now, she was contemplating dropping in unannounced.

„I’ll go! It doesn’t matter! Even if unnie is surprised! Though knowing her, she’s more likely to be pleased,” she declared aloud. „She’ll definitely know if something bad has happened to Park Dong Hun’s family.”

She left her house without eating, despite the lateness of the hour. Ahead of her was a long drive to Hoogye. She saw no other option. She had to find out what had happened, for she no longer harbored any doubts that something indeed had.

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