Do you wish to know what transpired within the mind and heart of Lee Ji An during this time? Of course, you do!

It must be acknowledged that her situation appeared much simpler. After all, she was still a young woman, with life wide open before her. Especially after her breakthrough and years of transformation. Ji An had become confident in herself and her abilities, no longer fearing people. She lacked nothing, neither for housing, shoes, nor food; in fact, she could even save quite a bit, as she earned significantly more than when she had been washing dishes after work at the corporation. No one took her hard-earned money anymore, and no one entered her space, her apartment, or her life uninvited.

The only thing that remained unchanged was the deep connection she still felt towards her ajhussi. She did not look back at the handsome men increasingly hovering around her. She did not go on blind dates or any other arranged meetings of that sort. Her standards, elevated by Dong Hun, were so high that no one had yet met even half of them. A bad situation? Not necessarily! Ji An was consciously and subconsciously waiting for… for something she was firmly convinced was about to arrive.

The first sign that another change was approaching was her company’s decision to delegate her to the headquarters in Seoul. She knew that sooner or later she would encounter Park Dong Hun, and if that happened, she could easily assess their new situation and contact. She decided that if Dong Hun had dealt with his marriage, forgiven his wife, and they were still living together, she would remain on the sidelines, treating him as a friend. But if it turned out they had separated, oh! then she did not even hide from herself that she would fight for him! She cared not that he would soon be 50, and she was half his age!

– It really is nothing! It means nothing! – she thought, and most importantly, she was deeply convinced of this. After all, she had been trained by him himself, with one hundred percent confirmation.

So, you see, my dear ones, a most intriguing collision of stances, emotions, feelings, and expectations is on the horizon for this Saturday meeting. It promises to be quite the event, oh, it certainly does!

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